art direction, assistant creative direction, technical direction, design, animation, compositing



My journey with NBCUniversal began in November when I was hired by Trollbäck+Company to provide art direction with a styleframe presentation for the NBCU 2018 integrated ad campaign. This campaign called for ten video spots and digital signage for display at NBCU offices all over the country. After a few rounds of initial presentations, Trollback finalized a creative narrative that connects on-screen talent to consumers through a polygonal light frame. This light frame was a physical representation of how NBCU’s content truly connects with their audience. The video and photography shoot would include practical lighting sets that the talent interacts with, as well as a post-production set for CG light frame compositing.



My role expanded into creative direction, as I wrote set directions and shot lists for filming more than thirty different talents. These on-camera actions had to represent the talent while utilizing camera moves to create a transitional moment. For the next few weeks I worked closely with Creative Director Elliott Chaffer and Executive Producer Kevin Anderson in creating multiple production process decks. These decks included stage specs and shot lists to help educate and prepare the on-set production company. From practical light frame positioning and 3D-camera previsuals to dozens of photographic references, we provided detailed direction to capture this vision. We worked closely with the client to tell their story of how each talent finds a release of tension as they enter through this light portal and bask in their new environment. I was privileged to provide technical direction for the NBCU shoots at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and Highline Studios in Chelsea. Though the talent’s availability dictated a tightly packed schedule, we were able to capture more than enough footage to tell the client’s story.



Trollback booked me to provide art and technical direction for the entire post-production process. I established a detailed pipeline for editors and animators, communicated with producers and an off-site rotoscoping client, maintained deadlines for reviews, and eventually provided quality control for delivery. I cannot thank Trollbäck+Company enough for trusting me to execute such a massive project in such a tight timeline. Credit goes to the animators, designers, and editors that made this all happen, with a special thanks to Elliott Chaffer and Kevin Anderson.

Elliott Chaffer (creative director)
Kevin Anderson (Executive Producer)
Daniel Berman (producer)
Erik Van der Wilden (editor)
Jonah Oskow (editor)
Moss Levenson (editor)
John Lee (animator/compositor)
Pat King (Designer/Animator)
Chris Foster (animator/compositor)
I-ting Lee (designer)
Matthew Lee Smith (animator/compositor)

Studio: Trollbäck+Company